Gary M. Freeman

I began my study of photography in 1962 as a Photographers Mate in the US Navy serving with Underwater Demolition Team 11, and later Seal Team One. After leaving the Navy I continued with my photography as a hobby for some 15 years. That's when I discovered computers. I devoted the next 15 years to learning and teaching computer sciences and programming. This was in addition to my regularly teaching assignment in Physiology which I taught for some 30 years.

In 2000 I retired from teaching and needed something to occupy my time. A friend of mine introduced me to the world of digital photography, and I was reborn. I had dabbled with both Photoshop and Painter for years but never really did much with them. Then, having purchased a Nikon D100 and shooting photos of everything in sight, it became necessary to revisit these two programs.

The work displayed in these galleries is the fruit of my labor over the past six years and I hope you enjoy viewing the images. I now use a Canon 5D Mark IV SLR camera with a collection of lens covering the range from 12 mm to 400 mm. My digital art is created via the help of a Wacom tablet and a variety of sotware packages, including Photoshop, Painter, Topaz, Mystical Lighting and Edges.

My images are a combination of digitally enhanced photographs and digitally altered painted renderings of photographs in a variety of media including oil, chalk and watercolor. I refer to them as images since most are no longer photographs and they are of course not free handed original paintings either. I know the purists both in photography and the painting world will likely never accept the images as art, but that's their problem. Art is Art, in what ever form it takes and I don't want to spend my time quibbling.

John Canaday says it this way, "It is enough to say that art is a fulfillment, whether for the creator or the observer, a form of communication with our time and all times, an extension of our experience of living, sometimes profound, sometimes entertaining. The only answer to the question, "What is art? ", is that art, whatever its definition, is an inexhaustible enrichment of life."

That's good enough for me!

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